CSLS Therapy

Opening in Fall PEERS® group Tuesdays at 5:30pm. Contact Melissa Friedberg at mfriedberg@cslstherapy.com

Putting Therapy Into Practice

Language is happening all around you. You can narrate daily routines such as bathtime, mealtime, storytime, dressing, and going places. For example: You ask your child: What do you need to get out the door? Have your child answer or show you what they need: I need my ___ shoes, backpack, glasses, coat, lunch etc.

Monthly Activity

Valentine’s Day Cookies

Baking cookies with your child is an excellent activity to foster speech and language development. This activity will target: sequencing, expanding verb repertoire, answering WH-questions, and using descriptive features. Your therapist can expand this activity should you have questions.

Valentine Cookies
Valentine Cookies

Talk about:

  • the steps to make the cookies
  • how the dough looks, smells, feels and tastes



  • what you will do with the cookies
  • who you will give them to
  • do you like them, why?


Donna’s Recommended Book

First Look and Find books: I love I Can Do It staring Elmo. The child searches, points and matches during the task of looking for a single pictured item’s location in a scene.

The parent can turn this into a turn-taking activity by asking: Do you see a ____? When you find the ___, you can tell me: See it! or I see it. I see a ___! Then encourage the child to ask you to find something. What should I look for now? When you find it, tell the child: See it! or I see it. I see a ___!

These are excellent books for working on vocabulary in a nice, organized way. After finding the items on the pages, the parent can close the book and stimulate the child’s memory by asking: What did we find (at the birthday party)?


Upcoming Events for Families

February 16th

  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate is free admission
  • George Washington’s Birthday Parade in Old Town



  • AMC Theatres offer sensory friendly films once a month: find out more information                                   


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