PROMPT© Bridging Course will be held at the Falls Church office May 3-5, 2024. For questions, please contact Danielle Weis.

Opening in PEERS® group Tuesdays at 5:30pm. Contact Melissa Friedberg – Hanen parent groups forming. Contact Amanda Compton

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CSLS is proud to offer both therapy and evaluations utilizing Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC). Our therapists believe wholeheartedly in communicative competence, and therapy sessions are structured to ensure maximum communication opportunities.

We continuously involve caregivers, teachers, other medical professionals, and family members of the child’s team to maintain a continuous and beneficial communication relationship.

We have one Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) Certified Professional at the Falls Church office, and nearly all of our therapists have been trained in LAMP.

Our therapists utilize both high-tech AAC devices such as speech generating devices, as well as low-tech AAC devices such as core boards. Additionally, our therapists are well trained in alternative access methods such as eye tracking, head gaze and LAMP VI (visually impaired).

Please contact Deena Kennedy, LAMP Certified Professional, at, to schedule an appointment or for any questions regarding AAC.