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Putting Therapy Into Practice

Take a walk around your neighborhood. Comment on what changes outside you and your child hear and see. For example, do you see sprouting flowers? Do you hear the birds chirping? Discuss how your observations are different from what you saw during the winter months. Predict what you will observe in the summertime.

Monthly Activity

Rain Gauge

You will need:

Use a ruler to make markings on the gauge to represent quarter, half, three quarter and one inch marks. Then, have every family member guess the amount of rain that will fall on a weekly basis.  Write down the guesses on a piece of a piece of paper. At the end of every week, compare the guesses to the amount of rain that fell.

Aileen’s Recommended Game

The Diggity Dog game is great way to incorporate both language concepts and speech-motor objectives in a fun turn-taking game. The game contains one large dog that barks and four small colored puppies. Bones are placed on each pile of dirt. Each player takes turns pushing the large dog to hear how many barks (it varies from 1-3 barks). The player then moves his/her colored puppy according to the number of barks. If the player lands on a bone, the puppy picks up the bone with his nose (it is magnetic) and checks to see if it is a color match to their puppy. If it is, bring the dog bone home. If it is not, either put it back on the board or share it with another player depending on language and speech motor concepts (i.e. “It isn’t it” and placing the bone down or “Do you need it?” and asking the other player). Once a dog finds all three of their bones, the game is finished.

Language Objectives:


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