PROMPT© Bridging Course will be held at the Falls Church office May 3-5, 2024. For questions, please contact Danielle Weis.

Opening in PEERS® group Tuesdays at 5:30pm. Contact Melissa Friedberg – Hanen parent groups forming. Contact Amanda Compton

Putting Therapy Into Practice

Have your child(ren) help you set and clear the table.  Ask your child what do we need to set the table? For example: How many plates do we need? How many cups do we need? Place the dishes, cups and utensils on the table and allow your child to set each place setting. After the meal is completed, have your child bring his/her plate to the garbage can and empty the remaining food into the trash. Then, he/she should place their plate in the sink and/or the dishwasher.

Monthly Activity

Planting Flowers

You will need the following items:

  • a small pot 
  • potting soil
  • flower seeds

Give your child a cup to scoop the soil out of the bag. Fill the pot 3/4 of the way with soil.  Your child can now drop a handful of seeds into the soil. Scoop one more cup of soil and place over the seeds. Moisten the soil with a cup of water. Place the pot in a sunny location inside. Make sure to save at least one seed for comparison later. You can check the pot with your child daily and talk about:

  • how the soil feels (wet/dry)
  • what the seeds need to grow? (water, sun)
  • what the plant looks like (big/small)
  • compare/contrast the seed vs. the plant (big/small, color, leaves/no leaves, flower)
  • how the flower smells (good/yucky)

Kara’s Recommended Toy

Create & Play Dinosaur Construction Set is a fun activity that can help build a child’s executive functioning skills such as working memory/short term memory, shifting attention, and inhibitory/impulse control. These kid friendly, mechanical screwdrivers, which contain 2 drill settings (forward/reverse switch), allow opportunities for problem solving during play.

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