CSLS Therapy

Opening in Fall PEERS® group Tuesdays at 5:30pm. Contact Melissa Friedberg at mfriedberg@cslstherapy.com

Putting Therapy Into Practice

Have your child brainstorm their three favorite memories from the school year. Divide a piece of paper into three sections and have your child write or draw one memory per section.  Then, have your child talk about what they liked best about this memory: where they were, what they did, and who was there.

Monthly Activity

Bug Box:

You will need the following items:

  • a container with a lid (i.e. milk containers, plastic honey jar)
  • grass
  • soil or dirt
  • a tool for the parent to poke holes



Have your child collect a small amount of dirt and grass from outside.  Place these on the bottom of the container. Poke holes to ensure proper air circulation. Go outside and collect bugs with your child.

Talk about:

  • type of bug (ant, caterpillar, worm, firefly, butterfly)
  • characteristics of the bug (wings/no wings, spots/no spots, number of legs, color, size, fuzzy/slimy)
  • what the bug will need to eat
  • what does the bug do? (crawl, fly, light-up, wiggle)


Ginny’s Recommended Activity

The toy of the month is one that you can make at home by collecting little toy characters from around your house (i.e. princesses, super heroes).  You will also need something to use as a door (i.e. dollhouse door, shoe box, paper).  This is a versatile activity targeting many areas of speech and language.  Below are a few suggestions to consider while talking and playing with your child:                    
  • Question Formulation: Have your child sit at a table with the “door” in front of them. Put a character behind the door and then pretend to knock. Cue your child to say Who?, Who is it?, Who’s there?
  •  Language Processing: Give clues and have your child guess, based on your description of the character, who is at the door (i.e. He is a bear who likes honey and is friends with Piglet).IMG_0110 (1)
  •  Language Expansion 
    • greetings (hi/bye)
    • descriptives (big/little, red/green, soft/hard)
    • spatial concepts (inside/outside, in front of/in back of, behind/next to)
    • sequence (first/then/last, before/after)
    • play scheme (birthday party, bedtime routine, mealtime routine) 
  • Motor Speech Control: Speak with your PROMPT© trained clinician to determine out which words in the following lexicon are appropriate for your child at this time: come in, go away, hi, bye, who, who is it?, who’s there?, who do you see?

 Upcoming Events

Ongoing Events

  • AMC Theatres offer sensory friendly films once a month
  • Meet a Farm Animal at the National Zoo every Saturday and Sunday at 11:00
  • Special Needs Night at Flight Trampoline Park on the first and third Tuesday of every  month from 5:00-7:00 

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