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Speech Language Yoga Classes

We have two Speech Language classes available. Please click on any of the two links below for more information.

Early Language Speech Language Yoga

Yoga classes are for children aged 2-3 years old who are developing language. Parents or caregivers are required to attend class with their child to learn strategies to support language development through the context of yoga, movement and breath work. Classes will incorporate book reading, music, yoga, movement and games.

Language skills targeted will include following directions, answering questions, sharing ideas and learning vocabulary related to the class theme. Yoga classes will also address social skills and building positive interactions between peers and parents.

Speech Language Yoga

Yoga classes will be thematically based and combine yoga postures, language skills, books, storytelling and social interactions. Language skills will be developed by answering questions, learning vocabulary related to the class theme and following spoken directions.

Social skills will be addressed through greetings and turn taking as well as group and partner yoga postures. The classes will also introduce breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Click here for more info.

Contact Christianna Beachley, Speech Language Pathologist, at to register or for more information.