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Dazzling December

Putting Therapy Into Practice When getting dressed for school, talk about different winter clothing items your child will need. You could say It’s really cold outside. What could keep your head warm? Ask your child to look outside Do you see snow? What should you put on your feet?. Give your child enough response time […]

Fall Fun

Putting Therapy Into Practice Have your child look in their closet and/or dresser and find cooler weather clothing. Tell your child to try on the clothing they picked. Talk about: Does it fit? Do you still like this? Why? Why not? Do we need to get more? Then, make a list of clothing needed for the fall and […]

Spark Up July

Putting Therapy Into Practice Sit down with your child and make a summer calendar.  Discuss what you will do, where you will go, who you will see.  Find a picture that represents the activity (i.e. a photograph of Grandma and Grandpa when you are going to visit the grandparents) and place it on the calendar. After […]