PROMPT© Bridging Course will be held at the Falls Church office May 3-5, 2024. For questions, please contact Danielle Weis.

Opening in PEERS® group Tuesdays at 5:30pm. Contact Melissa Friedberg – Hanen parent groups forming. Contact Amanda Compton

Putting Therapy Into Practice

While eating family dinner, talk with your child(ren) about what they are thankful for. Everyone takes a turn saying one item/person that they are thankful for, and Mom/Dad writes it down and puts it in a glass jar. At the end of the month the jar will be full!

Monthly Activity

Let’s Cook!

Discuss what your family eats for dessert on Thanksgiving (i.e. apple pie, pecan pie, apple crisp, oatmeal cookies). Then, ask your child to list his/her favorite dessert. Make the dessert with your child to serve during the month of November. This activity may 1013161408be messy, but it is very important to allow your child to experience the actions (stirring, pouring, scooping etc.) of preparing the dessert.

Talk about:


Jenifer’s Recommended Toy

A toy kitchen is a great toy for replicating a real-life activity that mommy or daddy performs.  Make sure you put plates, cups, bowls, pretend food and utensils in the kitchen. Depending on the age of your child, you can encourage conversation during play to include:

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