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Putting Therapy Into Practice

Have your child look in their closet and/or dresser and have them make 2 piles: 1 for clothing that is too small and 1 for clothing that fits “just right”.  Take the clothes that fit and sort them into the following piles: one color vs another color (e.g. pink shirt/green shirt), stripes vs polka dots, pants vs shirts, like vs don’t like, dark vs light colors. Teach your child how to hang up their clothing and/or fold them for their drawers.

Monthly Activity



You will need the following items:

Give your child a cup to scoop the soil out of the bag. Fill the pot 3/4 of the way with soil.  Your child can now drop a handful of seeds into the soil. Scoop one more cup of soil and place over the seeds. Moisten the soil with a cup of water. Place the pot in a sunny location inside. Make sure to save at least one seed for comparison later. You can check the pot with your child daily and talk about:

Jenifer’s Recommended Game

Zimbbos is an exciting game encouraging turn-taking, motor planning for balancing the blocks, and cooperation with a peer/adult. The communication during the game effectively builds language skills. The act of placing the block on top or beside another block addresses fine-motor skills and motor planning. This is a great opportunity for children to work on their PROMPT© lexicon in play routines at home. IMAG3215-1

When playing the game, encourage your child to do the following:


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